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The (Bridge) Loan That Funds Your Real Estate Deals, Perfectly

August 2, 2019 Investigating finance options with established bridge loan lenders in New York can be a smart way to leverage financing for deals when you don’t want to use your own funds. Private money lenders are more concerned about the deal than...
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If You Read Only One Article About The Pros and Cons of Bridge Loans, Read This One

July 12, 2019 If considering purchasing an investment property, it might be wise to investigate the pros and cons of a bridge loan, which allows using the buying power of the current property to fund the second. Bridge loans are a useful real...
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What is the 70% Rule in Fix and Flipping?

June 14, 2019 As a new real estate investor interested in fix and flipping, you often find yourself asking, "How much can I offer on a property?”. You want to submit the “best offer” without going too high or overspending. However, if you...
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What is the Best Way to Make Money Flipping Houses?

May 30, 2019 Flipping houses can yield significant results. If done properly, an investor can make a substantial profit. But if not done correctly, it can lock up cash for an extended period of time or even lead to losses when it’s time...
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Can I Profitably Flip a House Without Being Handy?

May 15, 2019 Yes, you can flip a house without getting your hands dirty. But is it the best way to reap profits from your remodel? Ever since the widespread exposure from television series and digital platforms, fixing and flipping houses has become...
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What Hard Money Lenders Consider with Loans

March 18, 2019 You've been wanting to get into the fix and flip game for a while. The idea got into your head after watching a few seasons of "Fixer Upper." And then, just last week you saw the perfect fix and flip...
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2019 Hard Money Guide for Real Estate Investors

February 22, 2019 You've been wanting to work with hard money lenders ever since found out they fund fix and flip loans. But as you thought about it more you realized you don't know much about hard money lenders, or hard money as...
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How to Build a Long-Term Fix and Flip Strategy

February 5, 2019 New York fix and flip loans have been your dream - especially since you watched the flipping of the oldest house on your block. You never thought it would sell again, but after it was fix and flipped it made...
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Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Real Estate Investment?

January 28, 2019 You've been in the flipping business a while now, thanks to your New York fix and flip loans. But as you look at the possible trends in New York fix and flip loans, you start to wonder about Bitcoin. "I...
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2019 Real Estate Trends for Fix and Flippers

January 21, 2019 New York fix and flip loans have proven themselves to be a great way to invest. Even if you make the the average (68K per house) that's still a decent amount. But as the years change you start to wonder...
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