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Bridge Loans 101: How Bridge Loans Can Secure Your Next Investment Opportunity

November 20, 2020 As a real estate investor, you have probably been contemplating various mortgage options if you’ve located the new property you want to purchase. In addition to the various choices that encompass fixed-rates and adjustable-rate loans, there is also something called...
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What You Need to Know This Winter About Your Next Fix and Flip

November 11, 2020 You have likely heard that the real estate market heats up along with the weather during the summer months. There are more properties on the market, and there are more potential buyers looking to complete transactions. Buying and selling between...
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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your next Fix and Flip

October 9, 2020 Real estate investors have been utilizing the fix and flip approach as an investment strategy for years, but it wasn’t until the advent of house flipping reality shows on major T.V. networks like HGTV that scores of individuals started jumping...
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Hard Money Lending

Hard Money Lending: Current State of the NY Market

September 23, 2020 After a turbulent initial start to 2020, the entire state of New York has now entered Phase Four of the reopening process, which means the real estate market status is drawing increased interest with hard money lending. The year actually...
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Learn more about The Finer Points of Real Estate Negotiations For Investors

The Finer Points of Real Estate Negotiations For Investors

August 21, 2020 In a competitive real estate marketplace where properties are selling at a premium, how can investors get a leg up on the competition?   Forget closing a phenomenal deal, sometimes merely acquiring a moderately income-generating rental asset can feel like...
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Fund your Real Estate Investment

The Best Ways to Fund your Real Estate Investment – Pros and Cons

August 21, 2020 There are plenty of viable options for real estate loans—making it challenging for investors to figure out which method of financing is ideal for their unique situations. The majority of real estate professionals assume that a traditional bank-issued mortgage is...
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When to Walk Away from a Potential Fix-and-Flip

When to Walk Away from a Potential Fix-and-Flip

August 21, 2020 Getting started in the fix-and-flip real estate investing sector has the potential to be a lucrative and rewarding endeavor—assuming you consistently make the right calls on which properties to close the deal on and which to take a pass. The...
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Guide to Selling your Fix-and-Flip

Guide to Selling your Fix-and-Flip in the Summer

June 22, 2020 More and more, the fix-and-flip real estate investment approach is becoming the go-to method for turning a profit in the industry—with the year-end 2019 U.S. Home Flipping Report indicating that 245,864 single family homes and condos across the country were...
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Hard Money Loan

What to Do Before Taking Out a Hard Money Loan

June 11, 2020 Imagine you have been scoping out the local real estate scene and you spot a few promising potentially fix-and-flip properties that have recently entered the market. You begin to picture just how beautiful the properties would look after you work...
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Good Exit Strategy Equals a Good Bottom Line

A Good Exit Strategy Equals a Good Bottom Line

June 11, 2020 The majority of new real estate investors were initially drawn to the industry for the potential financial gain. There’s really no hiding the fact that the main intent of acquiring real estate is to eventually earn a significant return on...
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