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Bridge Loans 101: How Bridge Loans Can Secure Your Next Investment Opportunity

November 20, 2020 As a real estate investor, you have probably been contemplating various mortgage options if you’ve located the new property you want to purchase. In addition to the various choices that encompass fixed-rates and adjustable-rate loans, there is also something called...
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Fund your Real Estate Investment

The Best Ways to Fund your Real Estate Investment – Pros and Cons

August 21, 2020 There are plenty of viable options for real estate loans—making it challenging for investors to figure out which method of financing is ideal for their unique situations. The majority of real estate professionals assume that a traditional bank-issued mortgage is...
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The (Bridge) Loan That Funds Your Real Estate Deals, Perfectly

August 2, 2019 Investigating finance options with established bridge loan lenders in New York can be a smart way to leverage financing for deals when you don’t want to use your own funds. Private money lenders are more concerned about the deal than...
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Bridge Loans NY

What Are Bridge Loans?

April 16, 2019 What Are Bridge Loans? Have you been looking to buy a new home and wondering if bridge loans are right for you? However, before that, you have to take care of other things, such as: Selling your existing property Financing...
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2019 Hard Money Guide for Real Estate Investors

February 22, 2019 You've been wanting to work with hard money lenders ever since found out they fund fix and flip loans. But as you thought about it more you realized you don't know much about hard money lenders, or hard money as...
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