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Good Exit Strategy Equals a Good Bottom Line

A Good Exit Strategy Equals a Good Bottom Line

June 11, 2020 The majority of new real estate investors were initially drawn to the industry for the potential financial gain. There’s really no hiding the fact that the main intent of acquiring real estate is to eventually earn a significant return on...
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Hard Money Lending NY

Do Hard Money Lenders Require a Down Payment?

April 30, 2019 You’ve been thinking about hard money lenders. It’s not something you normally ponder. You were walking down the street when you came across the apartment building your parents used to own. It used to be bright and cheery with large...
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Money Lenders NYC

Why Should I Use Hard Money Lenders?

April 30, 2019 You and your friend are walking your dog. At the end of the street you spot a sweet little tudor home. You can tell it was once a great house, and with a little TLC it could be even greater....
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Bridge Loans NY

What Are Bridge Loans?

April 16, 2019 What Are Bridge Loans? Have you been looking to buy a new home and wondering if bridge loans are right for you? However, before that, you have to take care of other things, such as: Selling your existing property Financing...
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Fix and Flip Hard Money Loans

What Is the BRRRR Method?

April 15, 2019 What Is the BRRRR Method? The BRRRR method is a very successful real estate investing strategy. Like any strategy, it is a plan of action designed to invest in real estate rentals without using up all your savings. The plus...
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2019 Real Estate Trends for Fix and Flippers

January 21, 2019 New York fix and flip loans have proven themselves to be a great way to invest. Even if you make the the average (68K per house) that's still a decent amount. But as the years change you start to wonder...
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