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Villa House Model and keys

What You Need to Know This Winter About Your Next Fix and Flip

November 11, 2020 You have likely heard that the real estate market heats up along with the weather during the summer months. There are more properties on the market, and there are more potential buyers looking to complete transactions. Buying and selling between...
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Real Estate

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your next Fix and Flip

October 9, 2020 Real estate investors have been utilizing the fix and flip approach as an investment strategy for years, but it wasn’t until the advent of house flipping reality shows on major T.V. networks like HGTV that scores of individuals started jumping...
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2019 Real Estate Trends for Fix and Flippers

January 21, 2019 New York fix and flip loans have proven themselves to be a great way to invest. Even if you make the the average (68K per house) that's still a decent amount. But as the years change you start to wonder...
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