2019 Real Estate Trends for Fix and Flippers

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New York fix and flip loans have proven themselves to be a great way to invest. Even if you make the the average (68K per house) that’s still a decent amount.

But as the years change you start to wonder if the’s there anything you can do up your potential.

If you want to know what real estate trends to watch in 2019, read on.

The tiny house movement is still goingstrong. 

Mortgage Rates May Rise

New Yprk fix and flip loans

One trend to watch is mortgage rates. According to a Forbes fix and flip article, mortgage rates have been historically low for a long while. But in 2019 rates may rise.

If this sounds scary, it’s not. Rates won’t go as high as they did during the 2008 crisis. Another piece of good news is that rates are not the only thing rising. House prices are as well.

So if you want to make it big later, consider buying now.

Millennials are Buying Homes

New York fix and flip loans

If Facebook and any article containing the word “millennial” is to be believed, millennials aren’t buying homes. But what Facebook and those articles fail to mention is that millennials rage from nearly 40 years old to as young as 23.

Even with rising home prices, there are many millennials looking to buy. In fact, some millenials are approaching the age when most buy their first home, age 29. Those on the older end of the spectrum are ready for their second homes, the homes that are a step above what they already have. So keep this in mind for 2019.

Think Tiny to Make Big

New York fix and flip loans

“Okay,” you might be thinking. “If prices and rates are rising, how are Millennials affording these homes?” By going small.

Since 2012 the Tiny House Movement has gained a lot of steam. 2019 won’t be any different. That’s because people want a small house with an even smaller carbon footprint.

With the ever-changing climate, home buyers and owners are constantly looking for ways to ease their personal impact on the environment. That, combined with the rise of Minimalism and the popularization of organization gurus like Marie Kondo, people want to do more with less. And tiny houses are great for that.

The idea of using virtual reality is a reality.

New York fix and flip loans

Luxury is Still Important

Even though buyers aren’t looking for mansions, they still want all the luxury that mansions provide.

That’s the trick with tiny homes. You have to make each square foot count.

Make each square foot count.

And you do that by using the same expensive designs that you would’ve used on a larger house. Just be sure to keep the size of the house in mind.

Tech Use is Rising

New York fix and flip loans

If you’ve been fix and flipping for a minute you may have noticed that tech is being used more often. Whether it is housing websites like to even Facebook, tech is here to stay.

So how can you stay in the game? Consider Facebook’s Carousel ads. They allow real estate agents/fix and flippers like yourself to post several pictures at once. That way, homebuyers can scroll through several pictures of your property at once.

Another big plus to carousel ads is the placement. Facebook has more than 2 billion users. With many of those people checking in, sometimes daily, it’s hard not to ignore the potential of carousel ads.

But that’s not the only tech to look out for.

Virtual Reality

New York fix and flip loans

In a season 4 episode of BoJack Horsemen, two characters (Diane and Mr. Peanutrbutter) use virtual reality to house hunt. Walking around an office with VR headsets on, they explore a home they soon fall in love with.

The funny VR gag was supposed to poke fun at life. At the fact that we’re so tech involved that we’d take the reality of house buying virtual. But what the half-hour dramady didn’t realize was, their gag was not a gag. The idea of using virtual reality is a reality.

According to social media management website, Hootsuite videos are growing popularity. People love taking a few moments out of their day to immerse themselves in something new. And there is nothing newer and more immersing than virtual mock-up of a potential home.

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