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After the Great Recession, many people left more expensive states and moved to Georgia, where owning a home was far more affordable. Since then, Atlanta has become a cultural mecca for people all across the country — and the world. They brought with them the signature styles from their regions and contributed to the rise of modern buildings steadily replacing old Georgian cottages.

Georgia’s overall affordability, coupled with Atlanta’s increasing popularity and economic growth, has made Georgia a hot real estate market. Home values have risen by 5% over the past year, and the median home value in the state is around $204,957. The median list price per square foot is roughly $123, which is much higher than when it stood at $78 in 2012. Prices may rise by another 4.4% over the next year.

At the end of 2019, AJC reported that rental prices had also skyrocketed in Atlanta, but people in the city were still buying fewer homes. It stated that over the ten years leading up to 2019, there had been a 65% increase in the median cost of renting a two-bedroom house. This makes it a great opportunity for people pursuing the BRRRR method.

While Atlanta is certainly not the most expensive city to live in, it’s not the cheapest either. It ranks among the ten highest in America, falling just behind Washington, DC, and San Francisco. These states, however, see median rents at $2,235 and $3,680, respectively. This is a far cry from Atlanta’s median rent of $1,474.

Aside from comparative affordability, there are several other reasons people move to Georgia that investors should pay attention to. The most important is for work, and just behind it is to be closer to family. With these two factors in mind, investors can better plan what areas to invest in and the style of homes that might command the highest prices on the market.

These are different types of financial arrangements we can provide for you to fulfill your real estate ambitions:

New Construction Loans

Most people in the market want to find turnkey homes. The idea of building something from scratch seems daunting and may take a much longer time than they have to spare. To the right investor, the opportunity to build is the best one. Some investors intend to build townhouses or large apartment complexes. Others may want to take on smaller projects, such as constructing a unique vacation retreat or creating a duplex. New construction loans can also help investors to carve out their opportunities from the market when there are no fix-and-flip properties at the right price. Unfortunately, these loans can be a little harder to

qualify for compared to other types. Be sure to work with an experienced builder who understands the process of working with lenders.

Joint Venture Loans

If you’re having a hard time getting fix and flip loans, then joint venture loans are your second best option. These can fill in the gaps when you don’t have enough resources to convince hard money lenders to finance you. Joint venture loans allow two parties to pool their resources on one property. This temporary partnership enables you to share the risk and profit, and save money. Gauntlet Funding has the most dependable private money lending options for any real estate need.

Rental Loans

When most people think of real estate investment properties, rental properties come to mind. Both long-term and short-term properties can prove to be lucrative investments for the business person who seeks out the right opportunities and finds the best private money lenders to partner with. Rent costs an average of about $1,594 in America and is just slightly lower at $1,425 in Georgia. When it comes to Airbnb, the average monthly income for the Peach State is around $1,599 for four-guest accommodations.

As far as choosing geographic regions, most Georgia real estate experts recommend Athens, Savannah, and Atlanta. All three cities bring different opportunities to the table. Athens is home to the University of Georgia and is largely a college town of young renters. Savannah is a popular spring break location and is ideal for vacation rentals. As the busy state capital, Atlanta offers these and other rental opportunities for business people trying to stay close to work.

Joint Venture Loans

Qualifying for real investment loans on your own is sometimes easier said than done. You may have taken on loans for other properties that do not yet count as verifiable income to get new loans, or you may have suffered a financial setback. If you can find two other partners with excellent qualifications, then you might be able to use a joint venture loan to secure the property you want.

Note that partnering with other business people on real estate investments does not always go as planned. Do your research and ask for proposals in writing so that you can go over all the details. Once you have an agreement ironed out on paper that works for you, then you can feel more confident about getting hard money loans together.

Bridge Loans

Not everyone needs a long-term loan. You may have a large payment on the way but have come across a property you just can’t let slip through your fingers. You could wait for your check and hope the property stays on the market, but what if it doesn’t? Securing a short-term loan to cover the cost can help. Then, when your payment clears in a few weeks or a few months, you can repay the loan.

Bridge loans are extremely risky and are not easy to come by in Georgia. Because of this, they are difficult to qualify for. You need an excellent credit score and proof that these funds are incoming. Any documentation you have as proof that you can repay the loan at the end of the period works in your favor and helps to improve your odds.

Georgia Hard Money Lenders

Georgia has a diverse set of opportunities waiting for the right investors to come into the market and stake their claims. Even so, like most other states, Georgia has seen home values increase over the past few years. Because of this, investors who want to reduce costs and increase profitability should move quickly before the market becomes too saturated

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