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Private Money Lenders New York

Trust Gauntlet Funding’s team of seasoned private money lenders and asset financiers to fit today’s investor needs.

Have you been checking out a new condo in Broadway, Manhattan, or an apartment near Brooklyn Bridge? Did you spot a cozy co-op to finance or purchase in the Upper East Side? When it comes to real estate deals, time plays a crucial role.

Gauntlet Funding is dedicated to its clients providing both, industry expertise in private money lending and quick closings at competitive terms.

Unlike most other lenders, NYC’s Gauntlet Funding is a multi-million dollar backed investment company who approves of rental loans, bridge loans, or joint venture loans to finance, partner, sell or purchase a property.

As qualified hard money lenders, we focus on direct private lending and distressed asset financing. Our flexible procedures allow for quicker resolutions as compared to traditional financing options like banks.

As local New York hard money lenders we can give you expert advice on the property you’re looking to fix and flip, rent, sell, or buy.

  • Cond-Op – This is a mix of a condominium and a co-op but generally serves more like a condominium
  • Townhouses – These are multi-family units and tend to have facilities such as backyards
  • Condominiums – These are the only real properties that people own in New York.
  • Co-ops – These are ‘personal property’ where you own shares in a building and live on a proprietary lease

We finance various types of real estate options, such as:

The main parts of New York have several real estate options. But some of the upcoming neighborhoods in the boroughs are flush with new developments.

Depending on the type of real estate, the location, your credit rating, and other factors, our experts at Gauntlet Funding will assess the range of financing options available to you. Right from hard money lending (fix and flip loans) to new construction loans, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the popular financing options to choose from Gauntlet Funding in New York:

Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and flippers are probably the most active real estate investors in New York. Home flips in 2018 got an average gross profit of $65,000.The city of New York found a spot in the top-10 market of the biggest increase in home flipping rate. If you’ve got an eye on a property in Buffalo, Brooklyn, Queens, or The Bronx that you’re looking to flip, Gauntlet’s fix and flip loans are for you.

Our hard money lenders will finance your New York real estate’s renovation. The short-term loan will help you spruce up the property and get a better deal on your sale or rent. Fix and flip loans are available within two weeks with a loan term of about a year.

Joint Venture Loans

If you’re having a hard time getting fix and flip loans, then joint venture loans are your second best option. These can fill in the gaps when you don’t have enough resources to convince hard money lenders to finance you. Joint venture loans allow two parties to pool their resources on one property. This temporary partnership enables you to share the risk and profit, and save money. Gauntlet Funding has the most dependable private money lending options for any real estate need.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are a short-term loan for those who want to buy another property before selling their current one. They work to fill in the gap between selling and buying a house. Bridge loans are best for fix and flippers who want to speed up the process.

Having a good credit score puts you in a much better position to get bridge loans. It gives you the advantage of finding the best deal. You must also prove that you’re qualified to own two homes. Gauntlet Funding’s hard money lenders will help you get the best deal in New York City, NY.

Rental Loans Rental

loans are another option. These are long-term asset-based loans on stabilized properties. First-time fix and flippers can make use of rental loans to earn income from your New York property. Manhattan is one of the hot areas where people look for rental houses.

New Construction Loans

Have you got your eyes set on a new construction in St. George, Greenpoint, or Melrose? If yes, then our hard money lenders will help you out with new construction loans. The exteriors of New York City’s boroughs are witnessing a massive growth in new housing options. You could be the proud owner of a brand new house with our new construction loans. In case you’re not sure which new construction loans to pick from, our experts are there to guide you.

If you have some other type of loan in mind, visit our office in Melville, NY. Gauntlet Funding’s private money lenders will customize one for you.

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