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If you mention Maryland, you will immediately imagine colonial-era mansions and houses. Even today, this legacy-led state is showing no signs of slowing down. The state’s industries are growing at a good rate, and there is no job crisis. Real estate investors have a lot going for them if they look in the right areas. For those who want to leverage on real estate investment deals find that private money lenders are a great option to facilitate quick funds. US home sales are at an all-time high, even though prices have been soaring. Maryland is a hot market because the median home value here is above the national average. Not only has it seen a 2.5 percent rise in rates in the last year but expects to rise more in the coming year. Additionally, Maryland has a demographically diverse and dense population with limited homes.

It is a seller’s market due to low inventory and many seeking them. Investors looking for opportunities here can make a good income since the median income of the state is $73, 538, which is a considerably high number. Locations such as Baltimore, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Frederick, and Gaithersburg offer good opportunities to investors. Maryland areas are more affordable than metros in other states making for good returns on your investments.

Maryland offers a mix of homes, including condos, townhouse, multi-family homes, and even farmhouses. With the lucrative opportunities present in the state, you also need the right financial options to execute your vision. Gauntlet Funding’s private money lenders offer real estate investors with a range of flexible options.

Whether you want to fix and flip, rent, or sell, the experienced team at Gauntlet Funding can provide you with personalized options. Our flexible procedures make it easy for those who are looking for direct private lending or distressed asset financing. We are a preferred choice of thousands of investors because we provide quicker resolutions than banks.

For over 20 years, Gauntlet Funding’s hard money lenders have funded all types of commercial and residential properties, including REOs, short sales, and construction projects. Investors who choose Gauntlet Funding can be assured of:

  • Customized loans
  • Competitive rates
  • Knowledgeable experts

Some popular options available to investors are:

Fix and Flip Loans

A growing number of first-time buyers has made Maryland a good place for real estate sellers. Fix and flip homes allow investors to get quick turnarounds and fast profits. Median sale prices in Maryland are $264,700. Investors can keep in mind Maryland’s colonial history and refurbish homes accordingly.

If you’re looking for fix and flip loans for your venture, Gauntlet Funding is the ideal place. Our lenders can sort things out for you.

Joint Venture Loans

If you’re already looking to invest in Maryland, then Prince George’s County and Howard County are some of the in-demand areas. However, if financing it alone isn’t possible, you can explore other options from Gauntlet Funding. We offer joint venture loans to individuals who pool their resources into one property. It helps you not to lose out from the returns on real estate investment and even split the risk.

Bridge Loans

There are about 2,181,093 homes in Maryland that a real estate investor can choose from. Ten percent of these are vacant, and investors can make use of the opportunity to seek a new house. But if you don’t have enough resources to finance your next investment entirely, a bridge loan is what you need. Gauntlet Funding’s private money lenders can help you with a range of bridge loans to finance your new home. This gives you time to sell your old one and not have to take a cut.

Rental Loans

Maryland has colonial mansions that are even a century old. These houses may need a lot of work or repair if you’ve got your eyes set on one such beauty. Rental loans can come in handy if you need financing options. Since more than 30 percent of the state rents homes, real estate investors can cash in on this income avenue. Both first-time and experienced fix and flippers can make use of rental loans to build their portfolio.

New Construction Loans

There is a growing tendency for people to prefer single-family homes. New projects are coming up in Maryland, and its distinctly long coastline and waterways only aid its growth. Maryland Beaches, Baltimore, and the DC Metro are areas investors may consider, and Gauntlet Funding’s new construction loans can help finance them.

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With low inventory, investors should take a wise decision on how they want to proceed with their investment plans. We can help you make the right choice.

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