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New Jersey, USA

Rent, Buy, or Fix and Flip. Gauntlet Funding’s experienced private money lenders and asset financiers have you covered.

New Jersey is a hot sellers’ and buyers’ market. Urban millennials are fleeing cities for the suburbs where they can live, work, play, and raise families. According to Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020 (Urban Land Institute’s joint report with PwC), the trend of ‘Hipsturbia’ is catching on to New Jersey as well. Maplewood, NJ, and Summit, NJ, are upcoming hipsturbias that are likely to see a growth in housing options. New Jersey’s long coastline with its beach properties have been a popular investment asset for those desiring permanent or vacation homes. A property in Sea Isle, NJ attracts homeowners who can enjoy long walks, beaches, and taverns. For something lavish, a plush property in Ashbury Park, NJ is the right choice. Even Atlantic City, NJ is renovating itself from brick buildings to high-end apartments, making it an opportune time to invest. If Manhattan, NY, is your work destination, then a house in Jersey City, NJ, might appeal to you. Not only are rents in Jersey City low, but also taxes as

compared to New York. Analysts expect luxury home prices in Jersey City, NJ, to dip in 2019 because of the new federal tax laws.

Whether you love the coast, the suburbs, or the cities, New Jersey has it all. With over 20 years of experience, Gauntlet Funding’s hard money lenders can help your financial dreams into a reality.

Gauntlet Funding’s expertise in private money lending lies in understanding our client’s financial needs to provide competitive rates. Unlike other lenders, we cater to a wide range of finance needs such as bridge loans, joint venture loans, new construction loans, etc.

As an experienced multimillion dollar-backed company, our hard money lenders can effectively judge market sentiments and spot great deals. If you’re looking to seal a home deal quickly or finance a deal, we can provide short-term loans with short turnaround time. Gauntlet Funding deals directly with real estate investors and no middlemen are involved. This saves you time and money.

We finance various types of real estate deals, such as:

Fix and Flip Loans

About 30 percent of buyers are millennials who want move-in ready homes. This means fix and flippers can renovate their homes and make them

desirable to millennial homebuyers. Gauntlet Funding’s fix and flip loans can help real estate investors refurbish their houses and put them up for sale.

With solid advice from our hard money lenders, you can get a great deal on your house, especially if it’s in North Jersey. Homes in the north get better deals because of its proximity to New York City, NY. Homes in the range of $1 million and below that are adequately renovated get multiple offers. Fix and flip loans are the best deal to strike while the market is hot.

Joint Venture Loans

You want to invest in real estate not having enough credit rating can dampen your enthusiasm. Our joint venture loans are the best alternative to fix and flip loans. Gauntlet Funding’s private money lenders can finance your requirement if two well-qualified parties agree to invest in one property.

Speaking of New Jersey, USA, homes in Morris, Bergen or Passaic can fetch you anywhere from $320,000-$455,000.

Bridge Loans

New Jersey home values are 3.2 percent up from a year ago and likely to rise by another 1 percent in the coming year. If you’re looking to buy a new

house before the market rates shoot up, our private money lenders can help you with bridge loans.

First, ensure you are qualified for two homes with a good credit score. Then you can easily finance yourself with one of Gauntlet Funding’s bridge loans

Rental Loans

Real estate investors with stabilized properties can get rental loans. Unlike the others, this is a long-term asset-based loan. With median home rates in the state at $328,200, which is higher than the national average, it’s a good time for real estate rental deals. Choose from one of our rental loans to finance your New Jersey, USA, investment. Jersey City is a key investment since 70 percent of the population rents.

New Construction Loans

With a booming economy, the state is also witnessing several new projects. Investors looking for new homes can benefit from our new construction loans. Weehawken, Monmouth County, and Belmar are some viable property locations. Visit our private money lenders for expert advice on new construction loans

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New Jersey Hard Money Lenders

As established hard money lenders with local knowledge, Gauntlet Funding can help you get the best deals in New Jersey.

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