Broker Referral Program in New York - Gauntlet Funding

Broker Referral Program


Brokers Protected

We treat you like one of our team. Broker fees disclosed on HUD and paid at closing by check.


Lighting Fast

Deals often close in under 10 days and we have closed transaction in under 24 hours.


Direct Lender

Gauntlet is a direct lender, not a glorified broker. We make our decisions in-house with partners of the firm.

Mainly investors use Private Money lenders to acquire investment properties relatively quickly as they do not use conventional standards to extend credit to borrowers.Time is of the essence when closing a real estate deal. Having ready cash can make all the difference and give the buyer the power to bargain. It is for this reason we often find a borrower uses a Private Money loan as a temporary or short-term loan solution.

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Who should register as a Referral Agent (Broker)?

We have had people from a variety of different background and playing different parts in the real estate eco-system become referral agents for Gauntlet. If you are involved at all in any part in real estate transactions especially focused on real estate investors, we would love to talk to you. Below are just some of the positions Gauntlet referral agents occupy.

  • Wholesalers
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Mortgage Banker/Broker
  • Title Underwriter
  • Title Agent
  • Title Closers
  • Asset Manager
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Para Legal