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USA national hard money lender

National Hard Money Lender

Empowering Your Investment Strategy

Trust Gauntlet Funding’s team of seasoned private money lenders and asset financiers to fit today’s investor needs.

Welcome to Gauntlet Funding, your gateway to seamless real estate financing solutions across the nation. As a distinguished hard money lender with a proven track record, we understand that every property endeavor is unique. Whether you’re an experienced investor looking to expand your portfolio or a first-time buyer seeking alternative funding options, we are here to transform your aspirations into reality. With a commitment to swift approvals, flexible terms, and competitive rates, Gauntlet stands as your unwavering partner, dedicated to fueling your real estate ambitions and paving the path to success. Explore a world of possibilities with us and experience the difference of working with a nationally recognized leader in hard money lending.

What Services Does Gauntlet Offer?

Gauntlet’s Private Money Lending Services

At Gauntlet, we offer several types of loan programs so that you can get the financing you need for your next big investment.

New Construction Loans

If you are looking to build a home from the ground up, then our new construction loans might be the perfect fit for you. This loan typically covers all the costs of building a new home and is ideal for sub-diving land and building.

This loan will cover the following:

  • The land on which you will build the home.
  • The construction company’s labor and fees.
  • Material costs.
  • Home and roof framing costs.
  • Homebuilding costs.
  • The cost of all construction permits.

If you are a contractor, builder and a rehab real estate investor looking to take the next step. perfect financing option for you. These loans work great if you are looking to flip the properties or rent them out after building.

This option will give you access to fast comprehensive financing that is both flexible and convenient. Experience is what counts for this type of financing. For our best terms we would like to see previous ground up experience, but can work with real estate investors with other and similar experience.

hand writing on plans for a renovation with a hard money loan
Hard Money Lenders Florida

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are a great avenue for both commercial and residential property financing, as they’re able to offer several benefits that traditional lending can’t compete with, such as fast processing and easier qualification. Of course, before you can take advantage of these benefits, you have to decide which type of financing best fits your needs. We offer several types of hard money loans, each with its pros and cons. Here at Gauntlet Funding, we understand that no two borrowers are alike, which is why we offer several financing options to meet a range of needs.

DSCR Loans

If you are a real estate investor looking to grow your property investment portfolio, then a hard money rental loan might fit your needs. Rental loans are long-term asset-based loans given to real estate investors that invest in stabilized properties or have just renovated a home using one of our other loan products like our Fix and Flip loan

DSCR loans are commonly known as investor loans, landlord loans, or rental loans. No matter what you choose to call them, they can help you to expand your real estate investing profile in no time. If you really want to capitalize on the rental market, then this is an excellent way to go about it.

The best candidates for rental loans are:

  • Fix-and-flippers who want to keep the property after they renovate them to increase their rental portfolio.
  • Current landlords who want easier ways to qualify for additional properties or exceed 10.
  • Clever people who want to take advantage of this tax advantages stream of income.

To qualify for a DSCR loan, you will fair or better credit and a rentable property.

Rental Loan - model house changing hands
bridge loan illustraion - man walking on a line being drawn by a hand

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are one of the most popular loans that a private money lending Florida offer to clients. Why? Because no one wants to be held back from investing in new property by renavated home that didn’t sell yet when a new opportunity presents itself. Any fix and flipper will agree that extra liquidity is never a bad thing when trying to get out of a tough financial spot.

In other words, if your former fix-and-flip property hasn’t sold yet, don’t stress – there’s an easy solution!

Bridge loans are short-term loans that secure financing for investors when they need more capital for new opportunities.

Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and flip loans (sometimes called rehab loans) are usually given to real estate investors that want to purchase a distressed property in a fast time frame or a property that is going to undergo renovations or expansions. Usually, the goal of these purchases is to renovate and repair the property within a short amount of time.

Fix and flip loans are especially geared to properties that are foreclosed, inherited, needs a short sale, pre-foreclosure, have violations, back taxes, or have large deferred maintenance. These loans allow you to close fast and provide the liquidity to help with the renovations.

Fix and flip loans are work best when buying discounted propereties where the renoavation adds enough value so that the finished value has a large equity cushion . These rehab loans work great regardless of if the real estate investor’s planned exit is a sale or refinance.

Fix and Flip Investment
Hard Money Lenders Florida

The BRRRR method

We use the BRRRR method to enable property investors to buy, rehab, rent, and refinance a property, and then do it all over again. This is typically done by combining our Fix and Flip loan to bring the property to its ARV, after repair value, then refinancing using that higher value into a rental loan at very low interest rates

The BRRRR method will allow you to make a passive income, increase your rental portfolio, increase your equity during the rehab process, and repeat the process as long as you’re able to.

This method can help you to acquire and build a portfolio of cash-flowing properties with little or no additional capital after purchasing the first investment property. You won’t have to wait to save up the down payment and repair capital for each property. Instead, you can save up for it for the first property and use the money from the refinance for future purchases.

Why Choose Gauntlet for Your Hard Money Lending Solution?


When exploring various private money lending options or hard money lenders nationally, you’ll often find that many of them lack the diversity of financing solutions you require.

This is what separates Gauntlet Funding from its competitors.

With more than 30 years of management experience under our belt, we can offer you any hard money financing solution you need to see your business thrive. Our experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals specialize in direct private money lending and distressed asset financing.

Whether you flip residential properties or are more interested in the mixed use or multifamily market, we have financing solutions fit for any investor. Real estate professionals, experienced investors and flipping enthusiasts that are just starting out can all benefit from our extensive range of loan options.

Gauntlet Funding is a direct private money lending and not a broker which means you can always rely on our expert advice, quick decisions, and fast closings!

Why Choose Us for Your Nationwide Hard Money Lending Needs?

At Gauntlet Funding, we extend our expert assistance to individuals across the country when it’s time to embark on property acquisitions. Our team comprises seasoned industry professionals specializing in distressed asset financing and direct private lending. As a multi-million dollar-backed investment enterprise, we prioritize direct collaboration with clients, eliminating the need for intermediaries. With a personal stake in each financing venture, including private money lending throughout the United States, our vested interest lies in your success.

The allure of nationwide private money lending lies in its swiftness, offering access to funds far quicker than traditional banks or large-scale institutions. We also cater to unconventional borrowers seeking solutions for high-risk loans, displaying unwavering confidence in addressing your diverse needs. Should our existing programs or investments not align perfectly, our dedicated agents are poised to tailor a loan precisely suited to your aspirations. Contact Gauntlet Funding today to explore the ways in which we can transform your dreams into reality.