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Private Money Lending North Carolina

Hard Money Lenders North Carolina

Discover the Flexibility a Hard Money Loan Can Offer

Do you need hard money loans to purchase a home or a piece of real estate? If so, you want to get it from a company with a long reputation for reliability and integrity. Here at Gauntlet Funding, we pride ourselves in both. We offer a wide variety of loan programs, including hard money loans and other types of loans to help businesses and homeowners succeed. When you need flexible financing fast, we can make it happen.

Private Money Lending North Carolina

Our Key Loan Programs

Bridge Loans

When you take out bridge loans from hard money lenders, you’re essentially deploying a financial safety net that can help you bridge the time between buying a new property and selling a current property. Bridge loans offer immediate cash flow to help buyers purchase another property even while waiting for their existing property to sell and bring in money. Once the current property sells, the buyer can pay off the bridge loan. Most of our bridge loans come with terms up to one year and are approved based on some collateral (commonly real estate).

Rental Financing

If you require long-term asset-based loans on your stabilized properties, ask us about our rental financing options. These loans are commonly called by other names, including renovate-to-rent loans, fix-to-rent loans, and rehab-to-rent loans. Regardless of the name, these private money loans can help you succeed in fixing and flipping rental properties for a profit.

Hard Money Loans

Do you need quick funding from reliable private money lenders so you can take advantage of a real estate opportunity? If so, you probably don’t have the luxury of waiting around for a traditional loan to be approved. When you’re on a time crunch, a hard money loan may be the most fitting solution. These types of loans provide cash very quickly, but they aren’t designed to meet your long-term financing needs. Instead, they fulfill a short-term need immediately while you work on securing long-term financing.

Fix and Flip Loans

Our fix and flip loans are very popular among investors because they allow them to purchase distressed or foreclosed properties and renovate them over a brief, agreed-upon period of time. Once the remodeling period is complete, the investor can sell the property and put some of the money toward the fix and flip loan, while keeping the remainder as profit. Usually, these types of loans work best for borrowers who already have experience flipping homes and renovating them.

Joint Venture Financing

As respected hard money lenders, we’re proud to offer joint venture financing. A joint venture is a two-party undertaking in commercial enterprise. At least two parties pool their resources to accomplish some end goal in the commercial industry. Though it involves at least two parties, it is not a partnership because it has a clear endpoint.

If you decide to join into a joint venture financing agreement, you should know that each party in the agreement is responsible for its debt. The benefit of such an arrangement is that profits of the commercial enterprise venture are divided between the parties as specified and laid out in the original signed agreement.

In general, there are two types of joint ventures we offer: incorporated and unincorporated. An incorporated joint venture means a separate company is incorporated, but both parties involved in the agreement become shareholders of the company. In an unincorporated agreement, the agreement includes all terms.

New Construction Financing

A new construction loan is one that’s used to construct one or more new properties. This type of loan covers many costs associated with building, including purchasing the lot or land, building the actual structure, material costs, the construction company’s costs, and more.

We often offer this type of loan to homeowners who want to build or remodel an existing home from start to finish. However, there are many different categories of new construction financing. We can help you choose the type that best meets your needs from the following list.

  • Renovation: This allows you to borrow against the expected value of the renovated home.
  • Construction-to-permanent: Choose this loan if you currently want to borrow enough funds to cover your construction costs, but want to convert the loan into your permanent mortgage when ready.
  • Construction Only: This may be the right loan choice if you want to have two separate loans: one for your mortgage and one for construction.
  • End Loan: When you select this type of loan, the home builder absorbs all home building costs. When the builder is finished, you take out a mortgage to buy the home from the builder.
  • Owner-Builder Construction: Select this option if you’re the builder of your own home and can certify it properly.

If you have any questions about new construction financing or any of our hard money loans, let us know. We want to make sure you fully understand our various loan types before selecting one for your situation.

Why Choose Us for Your Financing in North Carolina?

While our offices are based in New York, we help people all over when it comes time to buy a new property. Our industry professionals are knowledgeable and experienced and specialize in distressed asset financing and direct private lending. As a multi-million dollar-backed investment company, we work directly with our clients rather than sending a 3rd party of middleman to help make decisions. We are personally invested in every loan we offer and want to see all our clients succeed in their adventures.

The beauty of private money lending is that you can get access to cash much faster than if you went to a traditional bank or national institution. We also work with unconventional borrowers dealing with high-risk loans, and we are confident we can find a solution to all your needs. If none of our programs or investments work for you, we are happy to deploy one of our agents to customize a loan that is ideal for whatever you plan to do. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your dreams come true.

Apply for One of Our North Carolina Hard Money Loans

If you’re looking for hard money lenders that can help you secure a reliable loan with excellent terms, you’ve come to the right place. We have a long history of experience providing funding solutions to businesses and homeowners in many different situations. We’d love to discuss with you your financing needs and help match you with a solution that is an ideal fit. Give us a call during business hours or fill out our online contact form. We’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Need more information? Give us a call at (917) 397-3851.