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Private Money Lending Washington

Hard Money Loans in Washington, DC

If you’re looking for hard money loans Washington, DC, you’re in luck. Gauntlet Funding is an alternative to traditional banks and credit unions, which can take weeks to give you a response to an application. In contrast, we prioritize quick approval to ensure you can take full advantage of business opportunities. Additionally, we’re happy to work with various investors and offer financing for a wide range of real estate types. If you’re a real estate veteran or new to property investment, Gauntlet Funding can help you acquire the working capital you need.

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Get Hard Money Loans Washington, DC, for Variety of Real Estate

One of the most important things to remember when looking for property to purchase is that not all real estate is made equal. The property you buy depends on your goals. The good news is, our wide variety of private money loans Washington, DC, lets you get the funding that best suits your needs.


Also called known as “housing cooperatives,” the residents own co-ops. Their ownership in the corporation is relative to the size of their unit. The result is a space occupied by “shareholders” of the entire building.


Condo-ops are much like co-ops but in condominiums. Individuals may own their units and a percentage of the building, including gyms, hallways, pools, and elevators. Condo-ops tend to function much like regular condominiums, with legal ownership being the main difference between the two.


Condominiums are arranged in multi-unit buildings but are individually owned. Residents may share common areas and pay a fee for access. While similar in structure to apartments, a single condominium is considered real estate while a single apartment unit is not.


A townhouse is a type of residence that shares walls with its adjacent neighbors. It has multiple floors and is considered a single-family home.

Take Your Pick of These Hard Money Loans, Washington, DC

As one of the premier hard money lenders in Washington, DC, we know that one size doesn’t fit all regarding property investment. There are several ways to benefit from a property, and investors have their own goals, strengths, and resources to consider. To accommodate our clients, Gauntlet Funding offers several types of financing, each with its benefits.

New Construction Financing

If you’re trying to find the perfect real estate, sometimes it’s best to start from scratch. Gauntlet Funding’s new construction financing is a great option for investors looking to develop their property from the ground up. Funds can be used for purchasing materials and supplying labor, ensuring all your bases are covered. With this flexible resource at your fingertips, you can create housing that appeals to the market.

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Construction project ideas

Fix and Flip Financing

Rehabbing a home for resale is an excellent way to turn a profit, but it requires a great deal of capital. Fortunately, private money loans Washington, DC, can provide the necessary funding to transform a property.

The fix and flip loans are designed for the short-term, allowing you to repay after-sale quickly. Most terms are no longer than one year and cover renovation costs.

Rental Financing

Sometimes it’s better to rent a property rather than sell it. Perhaps the market isn’t favorable, or you need a reliable income to fund other projects. Whatever the reason, rentals are a great investment, especially for those new to the game.

As local private money lenders, we’re able to front the cash for income properties. This type of financing has longer terms than most other hard money loans, which means your real estate can pay for itself over the years.

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Private Money Lending Texas

Joint Venture Financing

Sometimes, the best way to get the funds you need is to pool your resources. Joint venture financing allows you to share the risks and rewards by forming a temporary partnership. The result is less financial stress on your end and a shot at making a profit with investment property. This type of loan may be an especially good option for individuals who may not qualify for hard money loans on their own, as they don’t have to rely solely on their credit for approval.

Bridge Financing

When you need a short-term loan to bridge the gap between buying and selling, bridge financing is an excellent solution. This type of loan typically lasts two years or less with the expectation that you make the payoff after selling your investment property. The fast application processing lets you close within weeks and can even give you an advantage during negotiations.

Private Money Lending Texas
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Choose Gauntlet Funding for Hard Money Loans, Washington, DC

As a private money loan provider Washington, DC, Gauntlet Funding is dedicated to offering reliable funding and excellent customer service. Our experts are happy to help you find the right loan with a no-obligation consultation. To find out more or to request pre-approval, give us a call at (917)397-3851 or contact us online today.



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