Hard money lending New York City

Reliable Hard Money Lenders in New York City

At Gauntlet Funding, we offer end-to-end funding solutions for real estate investors and developers. Being a reputed private money lending company in New York City, we can offer asset-based lending at competitive rates.

Hard Money Lending NYC

Hard Money Loans In a New York Minute!

We are experts and making NYC Hard Money Loans. If you need to fund a Brownstown in Harlem, converting a 2 family house to an 8 unit condo in Bedford Stuyvesant, building a ground up residential house in Queens, or gut renovating a 3 unit building in the Bronx we have a loan to suite your need.
If you’re looking for hard money lenders to help you secure financing faster, Gauntlet Funding helps you with all borrowing needs. We offer you money when you need it and allow you to take advantage of cash discounts using our cash! Our specialization lies in offering fast, hassle-free loans secured against properties in New York City. All our financial advisers are proficient in understanding customer requirements and providing customized solutions.
We offer short-term loans to real estate investors. Private money lenders like us are the go-to solutions for many investors. We support you so that you can easily buy your desired investment in commercial or residential real estate.
We can offer you short term fix and flip loans in NYC including financing all of the renovations to acquire the property. Then in the event you are looking to build long term wealth we also offer longer terms (up to 30 year) investment loans if you plan is fix and rent or investing your money into an asset that you can touch.

Who Should Consider Hard Money Solutions?

Many of our customer use hard money loans for:

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Investment Properties that banks can’t finance because there is extensive work needed.
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You own an investment property and need capital to renovate or expand the building.
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You need to close in an all cash timeframe. We typically close in two weeks, but have closed in under 48 hours for repeat borrowers!
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You are looking for a long term investor loan without going through the 4 month process that a bank would put you through!

Benefits of Using Gauntlet Funding’s Private Money Lending

Our bridge and hard money loans are short-term, so you don’t have long term commitments. You can repay the loan as your priority when you sell or refinance the property. As property deals are often time-sensitive, you can benefit by having cash ready to close the deal. Enjoy faster access to funds, no lengthy documentation, options for different credit worthiness and a competitive interest rate with Gauntlet Funding. You can also get customized lending terms, making private money a valuable option for your financing needs.

With over 2 decades of expertise in lending higher risk loans to unconventional borrowers, we’re your partners for all funding requirements. Our mission is to help our developers and investors build wealth!

Give us a call at (631) 465-2161 today and get ready to invest in a leading real estate property!

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