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Raffaele Forino

Mr. Forino
Job Title:

Real estate market lender

Years of Experience:

Real estate market lender and developer for over 25 years

Raffaele Forino co-founded Gauntlet in 2013, and has since lead the company’s business development, servicing, and credit evaluations. He has been an active participant in the Greater New York real estate market as a lender and developer for over 25 years. During his career, Raffaele Forino has personally closed over 2,000 residential mortgages.

As an active developer himself, Raffaele Forino has purchased and sold over 25 properties, including ground-up constructions and conversions. And over the course of his career in development and lending, he has forged deep industry relationships with real estate agents, contractors, investors, agents, and mortgage professionals.