Hot Markets to Consider in Q4 2022

Hot Markets to Consider in Q4 2022

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Perhaps you are planning to expand your growing real estate investment portfolio into a new geographic area. Or, alternatively, you are searching for the ideal market to acquire your first property asset in. No matter the scenario, the location you settle on is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to the long-term viability of the venture. That is why the team of experienced lending professionals at Gauntlet Funding have compiled the following list of the top-performing national markets to help you get your investment journey off on the right foot.

Midland, Texas

This growing Texas metropolitan area has repeatedly featured on’s annual list for the best real estate markets. Over the past year, the average days-on-market for listed homes was a mere 29 days, with the median sales price coming in well over the national average at $350,000. With more and more buyers looking for more affordable markets in light of the telework boom, areas like Midland that feature strong local economies, award-winning school systems and plenty of green space are becoming more and more appealing to young millennials looking to get more bang for their buck when buying their first home. Real estate investors can take advantage of this growing trend and get involved in these types of markets across the Midwest and South to net above-market returns at a low financial barrier of entry.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Over the past half-decade, the average monthly rent in Charlotte has increased by 36% (around $300). City officials are planning to build an additional 13,000 apartments by 2024 in an effort to meet rising demand and rebalance depleted inventory levels. This means there will be plenty of opportunities for investors focusing on the rental space. Charlotte is part of the Research Triangle, meaning there is a steady stream of well-qualified tenants looking for flexible housing options. On the residential front, the average home only spends on average 36 days on the market before being sold and the median sales price has increased approximately 6% over the course of 2022. Based on data from June 2022, the Charlotte market had 9,500 available properties listed on the market, only 50% of the number of homes in 2012—which translates into higher profit margins, numerous buyers and faster transactions. These dynamics make Charlotte the perfect place for investors looking to optimize cash flow in Q4 and head into 2023 on a strong note.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is an up-and-coming metro area with a storied history and vibrant culture. With the average sales price having increased 25.7% year-over year, it is a great location for a real estate asset. One of the main driving factors responsible for the rise of the Memphis market is its expanding population thanks to an influx of a unique mix of young professionals and retirees—which has the aggregate effect of boosting housing demand. That means investors should not have to worry about their properties sitting vacant for too long. The city’s diverse economy comprised of several industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality to finance means the demand for housing and appreciation will continue to trend upwards for the foreseeable future and, subsequently, investors will be able to garner passive income with a well-managed portfolio.

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