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Choose Gauntlet Funding in Jacksonville for Your Private Lending Needs

Choose Gauntlet Funding in Jacksonville for Your Private Lending Needs


Gauntlet Funding in Jacksonville provides direct private lending, distressed asset financing, and conventional mortgage loan services to borrowers. We look to provide resources to purchase real estate, including single- and multi-family properties and multi-unit commercial buildings. Our clients range from high-volume experienced investors and real estate professionals to small investors interested in as few as three transactions a year.

In addition to our Private Money Programs, Gauntlet Funding is a full-service lender for conventional mortgages for residential and commercial properties at very competitive rates and terms in the Jacksonville area and for investors across the Sunshine State.  income tax and the area’s stunning beaches don’t hurt either!

Hard Money Loans: Consider Gauntlet Funding in Jacksonville

Hard money loans are short-term loans, secured by underlying property purchases, that provide commercial real estate borrowers with an alternative to conventional or other types of mortgages. Typically these loans do not involve banks — instead, they are made by wealthy individuals or companies such as Gauntlet Funding. Because loans are secured directly by the property, borrowers do not have to go through a lengthy mortgage approval process.
As one of the top-rated hard money lenders in Florida and our New York and New Jersey offices, Gauntlet Funding offers options for a range of clients. The types of hard money loans we offer include:

  • Fix-and-flip loans
  • Joint venture loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Rental loans
  • New construction loans

Financing Options From Gauntlet Funding in Jacksonville

Given projections for continued growth in population and jobs, Jacksonville remains an attractive location for rental estate investing. The loan professionals at Gauntlet Funding stand ready to work with you to make your project plan a reality. Here’s more about what you need to know about our financing options.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans help bridge the gap for investors who need to move quickly, particularly when someone needs to purchase another property before selling the one they own. Bridge loans are often also called gap loans and swing loans. The idea behind the bridge loan is to provide short-term financing as borrowers seek longer-term funding through more traditional mortgages.

hand writing on plans for a renovation with a hard money loan
Hard Money Lenders Florida

Fix-and-Flip Loans

Fix-and-flip loans are for real estate projects that involve renovations on existing projects to resell them quickly on the market for a profit. This type of activity has been popularized through house flip shows on reality television. These are among the most popular hard money loans and typically finance purchases of distressed homes or homes out of foreclosure. In theory, the resale price will be higher than the cost of the loan for renovations, providing the investor with a tidy profit.

New Construction Loans

A new construction loan covers the costs associated with the construction process, including the cost to purchase a lot or land, obtain a legal permit, acquire the materials and build the actual structure, whether a single-family or multi-family housing unit. New construction loans benefit real estate investors or property owners who want to build new homes.

Rental Loan - model house changing hands
bridge loan illustraion - man walking on a line being drawn by a hand

Joint Venture Loans

One of the more unique hard money loans is the joint venture loan A joint venture loan is a commercial enterprise that allows two or more parties to pool their resources and accomplish a goal. In other words, the builder/borrower and lender each have a stake in the project. In the end, profits are split.

Rental Loans

Rental loans are similar to fix-and-flip loans but are focused on turning homes into rental properties. They may also be called renovate-to-rent, rehab-to-rent, or fix-to-rent loans. An investor can use a rental loan to purchase a residential property, renovate it, and rent it out to a tenant. This loan type can benefit both beginning and experienced real estate investors.

Fix and Flip Investment

Invest in Popular Neighborhoods Through Gauntlet Funding in Jacksonville

Jacksonville offers the sea and sun for visitors. But it’s also a place that many thousands call home. Areas that are consistently rated among the best places to live in Jacksonville include:

  • Secret Cove
  • Deerwood
  • Deercreek
  • Bayard
  • Greenland
  • Bay Meadows
  • Miramar
  • Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville, like all of Florida, has been one of the nation’s hottest markets for real estate activity. According to Zillow, Orlando’s median home sale price more than doubled between 2014 and 2022.

Why Use Gauntlet Funding?

As a leading hard money lender with offices in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, Gauntlet Funding is the company to trust for hard money loans as well as conventional mortgage needs. Our loan professionals, with their years of experience, can finance short sales, construction projects, real estate-owned properties, and other real estate ventures, quickly getting you the money you need.

Visit Gauntlet Funding Today

If you have questions about hard money loans from Gauntlet Funding in Jacksonville or would like to apply, contact us today for a consultation. We serve clients in Orlando and across the state of Florida and will work hard to make your projects a reality.

Why Choose Us for Your private money lending Florida Financing?

We help people all over when it comes time to buy a new property. Our industry professionals are knowledgeable and experienced and specialize in distressed asset financing and direct private lending. As a multi-million dollar-backed investment company, we work directly with our clients rather than sending a 3rd party of middleman to help make decisions. We are personally invested in every private money lending Florida we offer and want to see all our clients succeed in their adventures.

The beauty of private money lending Florida is that you can get access to cash much faster than if you went to a traditional bank or national institution. We also work with unconventional borrowers dealing with high-risk loans, and we are confident we can find a solution to all your needs. If none of our programs or investments work for you, we are happy to deploy one of our agents to customize a loan that is ideal for whatever you plan to do. Contact Gauntlet Funding today to learn more about how we can help make your dreams come true.

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