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Rely on Gauntlet Funding’s Hard Money Lending Programs for all your Investment Needs

As an investor, you know time is of essence when a crucial deal is at stake. To be able to leverage that deal you need private money lenders that are reliable, experienced and knowledgeable in the industry.

When you’re looking to invest in a housing property in Pennsylvania, know that investment is at all-time high, despite the soaring prices. This includes cities of Philadelphia, PA, and Pittsburg, PA, which are arguably the hottest real estate areas in the state. King of Prussia in Montgomery County, Camp Hill in Cumberland County, and New Freedom and Manchester in York County are some of the top options for investment. Several West Shore areas have been witnessing peak prices, as well.

The state has a variety of housing options ranging from townhomes, apartment complexes, mobile homes, single-family homes, and small apartment buildings. Homes with three bedrooms are most common, while more than half the state’s houses are single-family ones

As a serious investor, you need someone who can understand your aspirations and provide you the right expertise. Gauntlet Funding has an understanding of the real estate market in Pennsylvania and an established set of private money lenders. Headquartered in NYC, Gauntlet Funding is a multi-million dollar-backed investment company that caters to investors’ needs at competitive rates such as rental loans, bridge loans, or joint venture loans.

With Gauntlet Funding, you can expect:

  • Flexible procedures
  • Direct private lending and distressed asset financing
  • Quick resolutions compared to traditional financing options

Our hard money lenders can also guide you on the best ways to decrease risk while increasing profits. Whether you want to fix and flip, rent, or sell properties, our trusted team of advisers can help you figure things out.

Based on your investment criteria, credit rating, and other factors, Gauntlet Funding can provide easy financing options in a range of formats.

Here are some popular financing options that you can consider:

Fix and Flip Loans

Pennsylvania is a sellers’ market with a 3.3 percent increase in the median real estate value. This is good news for fix and flippers who are looking to make a quick sale on their property. Home values in the state are up by 4.8 percent, with Philadelphia leading the pack. With Gauntlet Funding’s fix and flip loans, you can finance the renovation of your property and get a better deal while the market is hot. With a strong economy and good job growth, home investments in Pennsylvania are the best bet at this time.

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Joint Venture Loans

The state’s median home value is about $184,605. If you’re unable to secure a loan on your own, you can look at a partnership-based investment. Our joint venture loans help out those who are interested in real estate investing but don’t have enough resources to do it individually. Our private money lenders can help out when two or more parties

decide to invest. Not only does it raise your credibility in the eyes of hard money lenders, but it also allows you to split the risk

Bridge Loans

If you’ve got a new property in mind but can’t finance it without selling another of your investments, it’s time to look at one of Gauntlet Funding’s bridge loans. These are suitable for fix and flippers who want to speed up the process.

The best way to get bridge loans is to hold a good credit score and also show that you’re capable of owning two homes. Our hard money investors can sanction your loans without any stress, so that you can choose from over 5 million homes in the state.

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Rental Loans

Some parts of the state, such as Philadelphia, are buyers’ markets. This makes it an ideal time for rental investors. E Girard Ave, Kensington, and E Norris St are some of the best neighborhoods due to their high appreciation rate. Investing in good rental properties in Pennsylvania can generate good income for investors. Gauntlet Funding can assist you with long-term asset-based rental loans.

New Construction Loans

About 60 percent of homes in Pennsylvania have been built between 1940 and 1999. But the good news is that 10 percent of homes fall into the category of 2000 and later.

Currently, houses are selling like hotcakes, and if you’re in the investor category, now is the time to take the plunge before the rates increase. Consult Gauntlet Funding’s private money lenders to know about new construction loans that can finance your investment.

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Pennsylvania Hard Money Lenders

The inventory in the state is low, so as investors, you need to decide quickly before the options run out. While you’re deciding on the property, we will take care of the finances.

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