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Hard Money Lenders in Queens, NY

Hard Money Lenders in Queens, NY


The hard money lenders at Gauntlet Funding have provided private lending solutions to New York investors for over 20 years. It is our mission to help you build wealth through programs that fit your unique needs. Whether you want to invest in a residential property or a multi-unit commercial building, we have a hard money program designed to help you accomplish your goals at a quicker rate and more competitive terms than what traditional banks can offer. As a multi-million-dollar-backed investment company, we make investing in real estate easier than ever before. options and help you to lock in your next property deal in no time!

Why Invest in the New York Market

If you’re a real estate investor in Queens, then you don’t need to be told twice that New York offers one of the least risky markets for multi-family property investments. With some of the wealthiest tenants in America, rental prices are almost always on the rise in the state.

Moreover, the vacancy rates are some of the lowest in America, at about 3%, compared to the national average of 7%. However, rentals aren’t the only type of low-risk investment you can make. Investments in condominiums, townhomes, cond-ops, and co-ops in up-and-coming neighborhoods such as Queens promise to deliver substantial ROIs.

Because Queens welcomes New Yorkers who cannot afford Manhattan addresses, it is the third-fastest growing neighborhood in the city. For the price of a single Manhattan property, you can buy three in Queens. Depending on the exact location, your annual gross yield may be between 5.87% and 6.35%, compared to Manhattan’s 3%. If these numbers sound promising to you, google “Hard money lenders near me” to find our hard money lenders in New York. We offer various types of hard money lending solutions, including the following:

Find Out What Our Queens Clients Have To Say About Our Hard Money Lenders

“Lou, Raffele and Chris are extremely professional and easy to work with. They will find the perfect solution for your situation. I highly recommend working with Gauntlet. We switched from another lender we had problems with and the team was able to assist right away! We will be doing many more deals in the future. Great guys.”

.- Mike Dee



Have been working with Lou and his team on different projects for almost 2 years now. Highly recommend him and his team!

.- Adam Gregory

Services That We Offer in Queens

Our 20 years of experience and wealth of industry knowledge enable us to offer clients a diverse range of solutions, ranging from fix and flip loans to new construction loans. Whatever your unique needs and goals are, we’ve got you covered.

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Fix and Flip Loans 

With 91 distinct neighborhoods spanning 109 square miles, Queens is the largest borough in New York. Founded in 1683, it is also one of the oldest. Due to its age and its buildings being in constant use, the borough has no shortage of fix and flip properties just waiting for the right investor to breathe new life into them. With the help of our Hard Money Lenders in New York, you could be that investor.

Use a fix and flip loan in Queens to purchase an REO, short sale, or foreclosed property. Typically for the purchase of distressed properties, you can use the funds to renovate or repair a less-than-ideal property and flip it over a short period of time.

bridge loan lenders

Bridge Loans 

If you’re in the middle of or at the end of renovating or constructing a property, your funds may be tied up for the time being. A bridge loan in Queens can help you finance a new property until you sell your current one. These loans are ideal in hot markets such as Queens, where even the slightest delay in funding can mean a missed investment opportunity.

Hard Money Loans for New Home

Rental Loans 

Rental properties — especially in up-and-coming neighborhoods such as the ones in Queens — can be magnificent investments. The problem is that they are often expensive. Though low vacancy can mean lower wait time to the point at which you realize a profit, it may still take years, if not decades, to repay a loan on a rental property. Rental loans in Queens account for this fact and boast low-interest rates for the life of the loan. These long-term loans are great for stabilized properties and for investors who hope to achieve long-term growth.

Fix and Flip Investment

Joint Venture Loans 

If you struggle to obtain financing through other means in your name, but if you were recently presented with a promising business opportunity, a joint venture loan in Queens may be right for you. A joint venture loan is designed for two or more people who pool their resources to accomplish the same goal. Unlike in a partnership, the joint venture relationship lasts only for the life of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Money Lenders in Queens, New York


Private lending solutions such as hard money loans are far less understood than typical lending solutions. As a result, investors have several questions regarding them. Below are the top FAQs regarding hard money loans.

How long is the approval process on a hard money loan?

One of the greatest benefits of hard money loans is their quick approval time. You can typically receive approval and receive funds within seven to 14 days of submitting your application.

Do hard money loans show up on your credit?

Due to the often short terms of hard money loans, most do not turn up on credit reports. However, if you’re worried about how the loan will impact your credit, discuss your concerns with our hard money lenders in New York.

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    The Real Estate Landscape in Queens, NY

    The prospect for real estate investment in Queens shows a blend of promise and transformation, making it an increasingly appealing option for investors. The borough’s cultural diversity, relatively more affordable housing options, and ongoing development initiatives contributed to its allure. Notable civic and infrastructure projects that were expected to boost the value of the region included the expansion of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) with the East Side Access project, which would improve transportation connections to Manhattan. Additionally, the reimagining of Willets Point into a mixed-use development area, along with the transformation of the Queens waterfront, were anticipated to create new opportunities for residential and commercial real estate. Architectural endeavors like the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport and the proposed Innovation QNS project were indicative of the borough’s evolving landscape. However, it’s important to note that real estate markets are subject to change due to economic shifts, regulatory alterations, and unforeseen events.  Consult local experts before committing to any specific investment.

    The Finer Points of Real Estate Negotiations For Investors

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