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Hard Money Lenders Florida

Gauntlet Funding has operated as hard money lenders for more than 20 years. We help you fix, flip, build, buy, or rent your next big investment.

If you want to invest in real estate property in Florida but don’t have the cash handy, we can help. While Florida is known for its endless beaches and sunshine, there is a robust real estate market that investors are drawn to. Surrounded by Georgia, Alabama, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, there are plenty of tourist destinations mixed in with residential real estate throughout the entire state.

The population of Florida has steadily grown since the last census report, and Florida has the third most residents of any state in the country. It’s expected that the state will continue to grow at an annual rate of 1.53%. Florida has a business-friendly government that is proactive in creating jobs for skilled workers. Over the last ten years, the GDP of Florida has grown by 40%.

Forbes listed Florida as the seventh-best state to do business in as the state’s job growth grew 2.6%. Jobs are not limited to one area and are available in many industries. Florida has a healthy tourist industry, almost 160 universities and colleges, four major airports, and a strong infrastructure program.

Florida has a strong market for renters, and the median rent is higher than the national median. Since 2011, rent in Florida has increased by 30%, making it easier for you to make a solid return on an investment in property. The state’s real estate market has been described as “very hot,” and homes on average are on the market for less than 100 days.

The state is growing for many reasons. The lack of personal income tax, the sunny climate, and the low cost of living are all factors that bring in buyers and renters. For economy, fiscal stability, and education, Florida ranks 13th in the nation.

These are economic prospects for the state of Florida and highlight why now is a good time for anyone to get involved in the real estate market in the state. No matter what your vision is when it comes to real estate in Florida, Gauntlet Funding is the hard money lenders to help you turn your dreams into a reality.


What Services Does Gauntlet Offer?

Here are Gauntlet Funding, we have over two decades of experience as private money lenders. Over the last two decades, we’ve funded a long list of residential and commercial properties throughout the country. These include but are not limited to short sales, REOs, and construction projects. When you choose Gauntlet Funding, you can rest assured that you are getting the most competitive rates, customized loans that work best for your vision, and experts who understand the market and how it changes over time.

At Gauntlet, we strive to offer the types of products that most benefit our clients. We have several loan programs that allow you to develop your residential or commercial investment dreams.

New Construction Loans:

If you prefer single-family homes and have chosen the Sunshine State as your preferred area, we can help with new construction loans. Build the house or business you’ve always wanted with our help.

Rental Loans:

If you want to cash in on a property in Florida and use it as a rental property, you may need capital to fix it up and keep it running. Down the road, your investment will pay off, but if you don’t have the liquid cash to turn it into a desirable rental, we are here to help.

Bridge Loans:

If the time it takes you to sell your current home and buy a new one overlaps, you may need a bridge loan to get you through. As private money lenders, we have the funds to help you when the timing is inconvenient.

Fix and Flip Loans:

Do you want to purchase a fixer-upper and sell it for a profit? This often allows for real estate investors to get fast profits and quick turnarounds. Our lenders are happy to offer our fix and flip loans that will enable you to turn an empty house into a beautiful dwelling for the next owner.

Joint Venture Loans:

If you are unable to finance a new home or business on your own, we offer the option of a joint venture loan that allows you to pool all your resources into one purchase. This means you can split the risk and you won’t miss out on the return on the investment.

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We also employ the BRRRR method, which allows you to finance a property to buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat. While this may lead to lower cash flow after refinancing, you’ll also have more cash at your fingertips to buy additional properties.

Are you unsure about which loan type is best for you? As your preferred private money lenders, we are here to help you choose the best option and move forward as quickly as possible. Your business is about more than a purchase, and we strive to help you invest your money in the best way possible.

Why Choose Us for Your Financing in Florida?

While our offices are based in New York, we help people all over when it comes time to buy a new property. Our industry professionals are knowledgeable and experienced and specialize in distressed asset financing and direct private lending. As a multi-million dollar-backed investment company, we work directly with our clients rather than sending a 3rd party of middleman to help make decisions. We are personally invested in every loan we offer and want to see all our clients succeed in their adventures.

The beauty of private money lending is that you can get access to cash much faster than if you went to a traditional bank or national institution. We also work with unconventional borrowers dealing with high-risk loans, and we are confident we can find a solution to all your needs. If none of our programs or investments work for you, we are happy to deploy one of our agents to customize a loan that is ideal for whatever you plan to do. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your dreams come true.

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Florida Hard Money Lenders

With a low home inventory set to drive up prices in Florida, Gauntlet Funding is prepared to help investors move quickly and take advantage of the future appreciation.