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Utilize a Hard Money Loan in These Top Florida Markets

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A major part of being a successful real estate investor is knowing exactly where to invest. If you are on the hunt for properties to add to your portfolio that will produce consistent revenue streams of passive income year after year, consider looking into the many high-performing local markets in Florida—a state that boasts some of the most lucrative and dynamic opportunities in the industry. Investors can leverage the distinct advantages of a hard money loan—quick access to capital, flexible terms, and a streamlined application process (just to name a few)–from Gauntlet Funding to tap into the increasingly active Florida real estate market.

Before we get into the specific cities you should focus your investment efforts in, let’s take a look at some of the positive market factors that make acquiring Florida investment properties an ideal strategy to garner a reliable return on investment.

  • Expanding Population Base: Census data indicates that Florida has the third-largest population in the country, with the Sunshine State experiencing an expansion of approximately 241,256 residents from June 2020 and June 2021. From a real estate investment perspective, this population boost means there will be plenty of potential tenants and homebuyers looking for housing options.
  • Employment Growth: Florida has long been known for its robust economic performance that is fueled by a diverse framework of industries ranging from healthcare to multinational banking entities. It plays host to a substantial number of Fortune 500 businesses including household names like Office Depot and Hertz. Per recent statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the state’s job growth rate is among the fastest in the country. Accordingly, making a real estate investment now with a hard money loan is the perfect strategy to lock in a sustainable income-producing asset.
  • Diverse Amenities: From its beautiful climate, breathtaking beaches, and several noteworthy landmarks, Florida ranks amongst one of the most desirable locations to reside. As such, it consistently draws both short- and long-term transplants, which produces a high demand for affordable rental properties.

As with other states, the Florida real estate market took a hit from COVID-19—but it has rebounded quickly, with data from the Florida Realtor’s Association showing that the year-over-year completed sales of single-family properties jumped 18% annually and the sales prices of cash flow properties have also increased significantly since the onset of the pandemic. We at Gauntlet Funding have conducted a thorough market analysis to determine the below-listed most promising Florida cities for real estate investors to acquire properties.


Just 40 miles south of Ocala, Inverness is surrounded by pristine forests and lakes, and the location’s natural resources have been responsibly managed to offer a broad range of fantastic outdoor activities for those with families. The pet-friendly For Cooper State Park has over 710 acres for fishing, swimming, and other recreational pursuits. Auto fans will love the nearby Citrus County Speedway and its unique figure-eight course. With the average rate of return on rental properties at a healthy 4.72%, and median property prices hovering around $213,000, Inverness is a solid option real estate investors should consider when looking for a city that will be a reliable draw to potential tenants and homebuyers for years.


Acquiring real estate assets in Venice is essentially a no-brainer as it ticks all the major boxes investors typically look for. Growing economy? Check. Well-qualified tenants and residents? Check. Affordable properties on the market with tons of upside in terms of appreciation and long-term return on investment? Check. Those are just a few of the many benefits owning a Venice investment property can deliver. Located just south of Sarasota on Florida’s breathtaking Gulf Coast, Venice is a major draw with its 14 miles of beaches and a romantic Main Street boasting northern Italian architecture and aesthetically landscaped boulevards. With an average property price of $408,628 and a median investment return of 4.28%, it’s easy to see why investors are flocking to the area.


Jacksonville has the largest population in the entire state of Florida and is the largest city in terms of square acres in the contiguous United States. Ideally located along the Atlantic Ocean in Northeast Florida, Jacksonville has something to offer everyone. Colloquially known as the “River City by the Sea” the city has over 20 miles of wide and relatively uncrowded beaches and the biggest urban park system in the country with 10 state and national parks. With a real estate investment property cash on cash return of 4.41% and a median property price of $282,320, Jacksonville has a low initial entry cost with tremendous upside—a winning combo when it comes to investing.


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Utilize a Hard Money Loan in these Top Florida Markets | Gauntlet Funding – Melville, NY

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